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If you're looking for something new and different to what you typically see on the radio, or you're looking to get into the current entertainment market, look no further than our team. At CCM Records Inc, it is our goal to provide original material to projects in need while creating unique music that breaks the mold. We strive to be the multifaceted DIY artist that you can count on for quality results, music, and more. Let our old-school feel provide you with a brand new way to look at the development of music.

The Works of Carleton Martin

Artist: Carleton Martin

Title: Tabletop Compilation

Track 1: Halo Willie 3:37
Track 2: I'm Not Perfect 4:28
Track 3: Take First 2:05
Track 4: Coolin Out 4:52

Track 5: Foxy 4:17
Track 6: Isolate 4:55
Track 7: Ball Game 3:37
Track 8: Old Hammi 3:33

Not Perfect

The primary focus of this music video is that the idea that the world can be a better place as long as we put in the effort to make it that way. If people just put thought into it, we can change the world for the better.