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Carleton Martin - A Genre-Defying Music Producer and Songwriter

Discover the unique musical talent of Carleton Martin in Detroit, Michigan. Carleton serves up a genre-defying fusion of smooth jazz, hip-hop, pop, country, and religious music. His first album, "Tabletop Compilation," truly has something for everyone. As an independent artist, he cultivates a DIY aesthetic that values substance over size in regards to production techniques. His music has an old-school vibe that is "more Miami Vice than CSI: Miami," as he puts it. But his material is also ahead of its time, and would make a perfect soundtrack for a modern movie or TV show.

"Not Perfect"

The first video from Carleton is out now. "Not Perfect" was produced by ParamountSong of Nashville, Tennessee. This classic country song is an anthem that celebrates self-improvement, acceptance of others, and the pursuit of the American dream.

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